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Accident Repair

A car accident can be particularly upsetting and damaging. Experiencing a collision can be very stressful and take its toll personally and professionally, as well as on your car. Our expert team is always on hand to help from the moment you find yourself in an accident. We will offer you a free, no-obligation estimate to put your mind at ease – no hidden costs, no surprise charges.Then you can simply rest assured that your car will be repaired to the agreed timescales and to the highest possible standard. At every stage, should we need to make any adjustments to the agreed repair schedule, you can relax knowing that we will be straight back in touch – our excellent communication is just as reliable as our superior car repair skills.

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Car and Car Parts Repair

Make TMT Motors your first port of call when you need any vehicle repair. You can rely on us to carry out personalized repairs to your car and to offer an extensive range of car parts repair including:

  • All aspects of engine repair, engine replacement and reconditioning
  • Brake testing and repair
  • Clutch assessment and repair
  • Gearbox replacement for manual and automatic cars
  • Shock absorber replacement

… plus a lot more. Whatever vehicle-related repair you require, just ask us and we will be happy to oblige wherever possible.

If you need a repair to your car, please don’t hesitate to contact us today for your FREE ESTIMATE.

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Air Conditioning Repair and Service

We like our customers to enjoy driving in true comfort and safety at all times. Therefore, there is never any need to suffer when your in-car air-conditioning breaks down – we will repair it promptly and effectively. We offer a comprehensive, expert Air Conditioning Repair and Service that has been designed to resolve any problems that may arise. This includes fixing your system when:

  • The aircon system is blowing hot air
  • The system motor is making a strange noise
  • The system is emitting an odour when turned on
  • The air-conditioning system needs recharging or appears to be completely inactive

No matter what your air conditioning issue appears to be, we are here to help. Contact TMT Motors and we will give you any excellent, highly competitive FREE NO-OBLIGATION ESTIMATE. Don’t hold back – we are ready to help today!

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Pre Inspection Servicing and Vehicle Evaluation

Should you be considering buying a used car, how can you be sure that it is safe and ready to drive? Simple, just get in touch with us at TMT Motors and we will be delighted to give the vehicle a thorough checking over.From engine efficiency to tyre condition, from the clutch to the brakes, we can give an extensive, honest appraisal of the vehicle. This could go a long way towards saving you money in the long run and, more importantly, towards providing you with real peace of mind.


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Spray Painting and Welding

Whether you have the tiniest scratch on your car that needs attention, or would like a full respray from bonnet to boot, or need expert welding services for your vehicle, TMT Motors is your reliable one-stop shop for all aspects of car body work as well as maintenance and repair.We can carry out brilliant repairs and renovations to body work that will not cost you a fortune. You may have a minor cosmetic problem with your vehicle or require a serious overhaul – no job is too big or too small for us. Get in touch and you will find that our dedicated equipment and highly skilled team will deliver an outstanding finish every time.

To ensure a lovely-looking vehicle simply get in touch. We can give you a FREE NO-OBLIGATION


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Sourcing for Second-Hand Parts

We are excellent when it comes to sourcing second-hand car parts. Whether it is a gearbox that can be beautifully reconditioned for use, or small, used engine parts that are perfectly serviceable, we have the expertise to ensure that we are one of the best in the region for sourcing second-hand car parts.
Whatever used car parts you have in mind, whatever the make and model of the vehicle, make sure you come to us first of all – you won’t need anywhere else.

For your FREE QUOTE on second-hand car parts, contact us today.

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Scrapping Vehicles

If you feel that a vehicle has come to the end of its useful life then don’t despair. We can look at your car to help you decide about whether to proceed with scrapping it and can then scrap it for you. Our hassle-free approach will make life easier for you and give your car an environmentally sound, safe, cost-effective and convenient ending.

Let us take care of scrapping your car. Get in touch for a FREE QUOTE.

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Car Insurance Claims and Policy Renewal

We are always happy to deal with any car insurance claims work, policy renewal work or any related issues. When you need a reliable garage to effect high-standard repairs that can be completed to your timescales and that will stand the test of time, simply refer the work to TMT Motors. We are well versed in all aspects of dealing with insurance companies and you can trust use to carry out precisely the perfect work that is required, every time.

Please contact us at any time for a FREE, NO-OBLIGATION ESTIMATE.TMT Motors Services

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